Twice a month members have an opportunity to get together at a selected venue to photograph subjects of interest.
These outings are diverse and might vary from photographing flowers at a garden centre to photographic scavenger hunts.
They provide members with an opportunity to get out and take some pictures, as well as a chance to learn from other photographers.
Upcoming outings are announced at Peterborough Photographic Society club meetings, in The Viewfinder newsletter and on Facebook.

In addition to the Regular and Breakfast outings, you’re invited to submit up to three images from “Your Own Outing” each month. See below for complete details.

: If you plan to attend one of the outings, please sign the Outings sheet at the meeting, or contact the Outings Director.
It’s much easier to make restaurant reservations when we know how many will be attending. Thank you!

NOTE: Breakfast Outings have been suspended for the 2023-2024 season

Regular Outing

Destination: Downtown Peterborough (Various Christmas Events)
Address: Peterborough, Ontario
: Various

Meet at: N/A
Meet Time: N/A
Contact: Outings Director
Notes: Refer to the December edition of The Viewfinder for further details.

Breakfast Outing


Meet at:
Meet Time:
Breakfast Time:
Contact: Outings Director
Notes: Breakfast Outings have been suspended for the 2023-2024 season.

Your Own Outing This outing is intended for members to submit images from any personal adventures or from your travels, etc. Simply take your camera wherever you go, have fun, and shoot some images.

Members can submit up to three images to the “Your Own OutingDropbox link.

The only stipulation is that your images must be shot in the month prior to our regular meeting. The three images can be captured anywhere, on any date, and not necessarily at the same location – it’s wherever your outing of the day takes you.

As with all other images you submit, include the title you want for each JPEG in the filename, e.g., Winter Shadows.jpg, and have them submitted by the last Tuesday of the month. For example, your images captured in February, 2023, must be submitted by February 28. As usual, you are encouraged to resize your images according “How to Resize Images for Submission“.

Have fun shooting and we’ll look forward to sharing your images with our club members.