Image Submissions

The deadline for submitting images is midnight of the Tuesday before the meeting at which the slideshow will be presented.

Contact the Projectionist with any questions regarding image submissions.

How to Prepare and Submit Images, Slideshows, or Videos for Club Meetings

It is recommended, but not mandatory, that you resize your images to be submitted for the monthly slide show according to the following instructions.

Images must be submitted in JPEG format.

Re-sizing your images:

If the image is landscape orientation (width greater than height), re-size the width to be 1024 px and allow the height to adjust automatically.

If the image is portrait orientation (height greater than width), re-size the height to be 768 px and allow the width to adjust automatically.

If the image is square, re-size it to 1,024 px on any side.

A number of image viewers/editors permit resizing of photos.

For PC users: You can resize your images easily using the free desktop app, FastStone Photo Resizer. For detailed instructions, please see this short video.

For Mac users: You can resize using the native app, Preview. For detailed instructions, please see this short video.

For assistance please contact the Projectionist or the Program Director.


  • PPS uses Dropbox to store submitted images, slideshows, and videos.
  • The Dropbox File Request feature allows members to upload images and large slideshow files from their computer directly to a location on the internet that can be accessed by our Projectionist, who prepares them for viewing.
  • Using a Dropbox File Request does not require the user to own a Dropbox account.

Submitting Your Images

Members are encouraged to submit their images for inclusion in the monthly slideshow. The monthly slideshow and submitted videos are presented at each Regular meeting on the first Tuesday of the month.

The categories are:

  • Monthly Theme (Up to three (3) images) Theme images must be captured within the current year of the club, which begins on June 1
  • Photographer’s Choice (Up to six (6) images)
  • Outings (Regular Outing, *Breakfast Outing, and Your Own Outing) (Up to three (3) images per outing)
  • Videos
  • Location Challenge (One (1) image). *Now monthly during the COVID-19 pandemic to compensate for suspension of the monthly Breakfast Outing.
  • 5-Slide Essay (Annual event)
  • Member’s Slideshow (Annual event)

When ready, submit your images from the Dropbox Links page.

It is imperative that members follow the requirements for submission in order to minimize the time the volunteer coordinators spend on creating the slideshows.

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